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    When you’re in need of instant cash to help deal with unexpected expenses, a car title loan is the best option to consider! Apex Loans Canada is your one-stop solution to quick cash of up to $25,000. We offer high approval car collateral loans at competitive interest rates with a superior level of customer service. Give us a call or fill out the quick and easy loan application so we can get started on the economic freedom you deserve.

    • Quick Approval
    • No Credit Checks
    • Loan Terms Up To 4 Years
    • No Job Requirements
    • Low Monthly Payments
    • No Prepayment Penalties
    • No Hassle Loan Process
    • Keep Your Vehicle

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    Getting a car equity loan with Apex Loans Canada is quick and easy!

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    When you need money fast, there is no better alternative than Apex Loans Canada. We provide the quickest car collateral loans available in Canada. You can easily apply from the comfort of your home, from a desktop computer or through your mobile device on the go. To get a car Title loan you will need to provide the following:

    • Clear title of your vehicle
    • A Valid Canadian Driver's License
    • Proof of Vehicle Registration and Insurance in your name
    • Your Vehicle for inspection

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    1What is a collateral loan?
    A car collateral loan is a type of loan where the borrower gets funds by using his fully paid/owned car as collateral. Collateral is when something that carries monetary value is used as security for repayment of a loan.
    2Is a car title loan the same as a car collateral loan?
    Yes, they are the same thing. The title of the car is used as collateral to obtain funds. The lender then gets to keep the title of the vehicle for the duration of the loan. In place of the car title the lender provides a document stating that the title of the car has been used as security for repayment of a loan.
    3Who can get a car title loan?
    If you're in need of quick cash this is the type of loan for you! Apex Loans Canada can easily approve a loan on the same day, providing the funds you need to resolve your cash crunch!
    4What are the requirements for a vehicle title loan?
    For a vehicle title loan you will need to provide the following:
    • A fully owned, lien-free vehicle
    • Proof of legal age
    • Registration documents in the name of the borrower
    • Collision and Comprehensive Insurance in the name of the borrower
    • Valid Canadian Driver's License
    • Proof of permanent residency
    • A spare set of keys
    5Will the car be kept with the lender?
    No! Once the vehicle has been inspected and all documents are verified, you can keep your car. For the entire duration of the loan term, you can freely use your car as normal while making your monthly payments.
    6Will there be any pre-closure charges?
    Apex Loans Canada doesn’t charge any fees or penalties for paying off a loan early or in one go. You can freely pay back a loan in full at anytime without worrying.

    What Our Customers Say About Us

    • ‘No bank was lending me money because of my low credit scores. And my credit card payments were adding up day by day. I just couldn’t arrange money. It was then when I came across Apex Loans who were ready to loan me money despite my credit history. I paid my card bill immediately. The small installments of Apex are easy and are helping me rebuild my credit history too.’
    • “I had always dreamt of owning a business and had many prospective ideas for it. All I wanted was some capital to start. My colleague told me about Apex Loans and how they give you instant cash against the title of your car. I couldn't even imagine how fast I would be able to realise my dream. It’s been 2 months now and i am a proud businessman. Thanks Apex!”
    • “My wedding was just a month away and I had to book the venue, the caterers and lot more. Apex guys helped me out with my money problem. I took a loan of $5000 against my car papers. I was surprised to see that they ACTUALLY hand over the cash to you the same day. I also didn't have to keep my car with them. I’m just two months away from my loan tenure completion.”
      Alex Leeman

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